Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Who created God?

If God created everything, then who created God? 

How many times have you heard that question or variations of it? I have heard it many times.  But inherent within the question there is an assumption, and this assumption that is wrong. Because when someone asks the question, “Who created God?”, they make the assumption that there was a time when God did not exist.

If God created everything, then He created absolutely everything: space, stars, planets, mountains, rivers, oceans, life etc.  This means that He would also have to create all matter (the atoms that things are made from).  All this God would have made from nothing or else where did it all come from?  He would also have laid out all the rules that hold it all together: the laws of gravity, laws of motion, laws of thermodynamics and the rest; all the laws that hold the very fabric of the universe together. 

This means He also created the dimensions; you know: up - down, left - right and forward - backwards. Without these dimensions there would be no ‘place’ to put the stars and planets etc. 

If God created everything, He also created time.  If He created time then there wasn’t a time when God did not exist.  This would make God outside of the dimensions of time and space that we are bound by.  We are bound by these things; He is not.   For God, all of time would be, sort of like an open book.   God is bigger than any box we can make for Him.

So, the question “Who created God?” is the wrong question because to ask this is to assume that there was a time when God did not exist.  Because of this the question is nonsensical and a bit like asking, “What is the smell of the colour 9”.

So what is the right question?

Well a much better question is: “What is God like?”  And the answer to that can be found in the Bible.

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