Monday, 28 July 2014

The Battle to Assert Influence

The human mind is one of the most incredible and most powerful things in the physical universe. With our minds we think and reason and with our minds we imagine.  Anything constructed by man in the physical world is first constructed in man’s mind.  The mind is indeed powerful but the human mind can also be influenced.  And just as it has been throughout all of history, there is a battle going on for influence over our minds. Politicians, lobby groups, religious leaders, rebels, storytellers, songwriters, scientists, teachers, advertisers and many others all reach out to touch and influence our minds.

Influence is power, and some like Hitler and Starlin have sought to influence and even to control the minds of others for the purpose of political power and military might.  Others push advertisements down our throats so they can sell us the latest car or shampoo.

I believe that this push for influence has never been more intense than it is today with social media, TV, billboards, news papers, the internet and even our peers all attempting to exert some level of influence over us. These attempts to influence have not always been for our betterment, and truth can often be a casualty in this maddening push for influence.

But it’s the truth that matters, not the ideas, opinions or agendas of those who would want to gain power over us.  It was God who gave us our minds; not so that we would blindly follow someone else, but so we could use our minds, determine what is the true and then to do what is right.

Seek the truth
It is the truth that matters
And it is the truth that sets us free.

The stories and anecdotes that form my blog, are a compilation of some of the imperfect thoughts of a very imperfect man living in a corrupt and fallen world.  However, it is my hope that these snippets will cause you to think, and to think beyond the boundaries to which you have become accustomed.

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